Crochet Lace Edging for Easter
April 8, 2014


This edging has several symbols related to Easter. It has baskets with bobble eggs on the front and palm frond leaves. According to the symbolism used on Ukrainian Pysanky the nets represent Jesus. They can also represent his disciples. The ladders represent prayers reaching Heaven, and dots (picots here) represent Mary’s tears at the crucifixion. I may be seeing symbolism that the designer didn’t intend. Still, it is fun to think it matches the Pysanky I like to decorate at this time of year.

It isn’t an easy pattern crochet. I would like to do it again and make some subtle changes. There are so many pretty patterns tempting me that it will be a while before I try this again. I made two pieces each 24″ long. I am going to use them on the ends of a piece of linen for a table runner, or a pair of towels. I have some natural linen, but maybe a pastel color would be better.

Here are a couple of other photos.



The pattern is in the magazine, Burda Special E841 Crochet Lace.  It was published in 2005, so would have to be obtained by a reseller like ebay.


Red Doily
April 5, 2014


A red doily to go with a few Pysanky. It also goes with a little teapot Rick gave me for Valentine’s Day this year.


Here is an overall photo.


I saw a doily similar to this one for sale on Etsy a year or so ago. Playing on Pinterest one day (a terrible time suck habit) there was a link to a similar pattern. I really wanted to see how the lattice stitches were done, so I gave it a try. The pattern has too many stitches in some areas and too few stitches in others to let this doily lie flat. It might not be the real pattern only the poster’s interpretation. Anyway I was able to get it to work, not perfectly, but usable. It is a nice size at about 16″ in diameter.

Basket Lace Edging Sample
February 25, 2014


It has taken me all week, and all my attention to get this little sample made. I am hoping that crocheting a length of trim goes quicker. It is a tricky pattern because the various elements are crocheted in both directions. To make the elements match has been a trial, and mostly error, process. I think this edging will make a lovely trim for Easter decorating. I am thinking of using it as a runner or towel edging. Both would be about the same length.

I still haven’t gotten around to emailing and thanking everyone who commented on my last blog post. I will do that soon.

For the Breakfast Table
June 28, 2013

I never know exactly what I should write.  That and knowing I get easily distracted and waste valuable crafting time on the internet keeps me from blogging regularly.

I finally finished a little table center for our breakfast table.  It was put on hold because it took more thread than I thought it would.  I used a second dyelot and worried it wouldn’t match.  I decided to finish it and then over dye it, which wasn’t necessary.  The slightly more golden dyelot is in the points, so it blends.  I love Cebeliia thread.  It has never let me down.  This one is made with a 1980 pattern from Japan.  I decided to try and loosen my gauge and use a size 10 hook and my favorite size 30 thread.  I usually use a 12 hook.  I don’t like working in the looser gauge, but the crochet blocked out thinner and more delicate than my other lace doilies.  The doily is 36″ in diameter and the table is 42″.  I plan on sewing a dark green table cloth to go underneath the gold of the doily.




I am still sewing a bit too, and playing with machine embroidery designs. I have several almost finished items like this doily. It feels really good to have this one finished.

Happy Valentine’s Day
February 13, 2012

I know it has been a long time since I have had anything to blog about. Finally I finished a project in time for the appropriate holiday. These little boxes are from a free pattern at Stitch Delight . Scroll down the page a bit and the link is on the right hand side.

To be truthful, I did alter the pattern a bit to get everything to stitch out the way I wanted. I thought the sides needed more stability, so added a few of rows of under stitching. Also I adjusted the sizing slightly to get the pieces to fit together better. It was a learning experience since I haven’t done as much machine embroidery as I wish. Hopefully I can have time soon to learn more about it.



I am sorry I do not post comments on everyones blogs anymore. I do read your updates. I am still working on learning new habits. When I am online I still have a terrible time getting off. Right now I control it by not getting on unless I have something I have to do like pay a bill. It takes such a long time to develop new habits.