“Hand Knits By Beehive”
October 7, 2009

Here are a couple of pages from the 1942 Paton’s pattern book “Hand Knits by Beehive, Sweater Roundup…for the Teens”. Most of the patterns are basic knit silhouettes. I have been busy with a few little projects around the house. I hope you all do not mind some inspiration form the past.


I liked the puffy sleeves and cable epaulettes on this sweater.


The ribbed stripes and bows are a nice addition to this sweater.



Two Needle Tam
August 17, 2009

I thought I should blog about knitting for a change. Here is a two needle tam. I used this pattern when teaching beginners how to knit, since the shaping is done by decreases alone. The last four stitches are done as I-cord for the top thing. The seaming is almost invisible because two stockinette stitches are pulled together forming one. If not knit too tightly the garter stitches make the hat floppy even in acrylic yarn.


Hitomi Shida’s Asymmetric Sweater Pattern
August 7, 2009

This is another pattern by Hitomi Shida that I would love to knit. I love the collar and asymmetric hem. The pattern shows how to cast on in steps to get the hemline to angle. The leaf and shale lace pattern is pretty too.


Hitomi Shida’s Shawl Pattern
August 6, 2009

When I get a chance to knit again I want to make this shawl. It is Hitomi Shida’s pattern from “Let’s knit series #12”, ISBN978-4-529-04451-6. I have 5 books by this designer. So many pretty patterns. I like how she combines knitting and crochet. This time the bottom border is crochet.


Awesome Knitting Pattern Book
August 5, 2009

I recently ordered this book. I love Hitomi Shida’s books. The stitches are so interesting to knit. For anyone who likes to knit complex stitch patterns and can figure out their own shaping, I recommend this book. I want to use several to knit socks. Maybe even knit one into a sweater someday. I cut and pasted to make the second photograph below to show some of the stitches.