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Red Doily
April 5, 2014


A red doily to go with a few Pysanky. It also goes with a little teapot Rick gave me for Valentine’s Day this year.


Here is an overall photo.


I saw a doily similar to this one for sale on Etsy a year or so ago. Playing on Pinterest one day (a terrible time suck habit) there was a link to a similar pattern. I really wanted to see how the lattice stitches were done, so I gave it a try. The pattern has too many stitches in some areas and too few stitches in others to let this doily lie flat. It might not be the real pattern only the poster’s interpretation. Anyway I was able to get it to work, not perfectly, but usable. It is a nice size at about 16″ in diameter.


A Sketch of Socks
June 8, 2009

Rick and I went to Peet’s again for some time away from home. He sketched and I reknit my socks. I redid the first sock too, since I decided to change some things about the other sock as I fixed the mistake. I wish I was a better writer. I have so many thoughts going through my head as I knit. I often change things from the pattern, as I am doing on this pair of socks. I crossed some to the YO purl stitches to tighten them up. Crossing YOs as purls on the next row is not easy because of the way the YO is wrapped. It does look better though than a big purl hole, unless a big purl hole is wanted of course. So as I am twisting the needles in odd ways and bitting my lip to get the needle in the stitch, Rick makes the cutest sketch of a girl wearing knitted socks. I like her expression of surprise. Is she surprised by someone coming into the room or by what she is reading?


Yuma and the Mug
May 24, 2009

Here are photos of the other side of the Ravelry Attitude Adjustment Mug. In the tea ball is one of my new favorite teas. It is a Lupicia black tea called Yuma. The description on the package says, “A taste of happiness with vanilla, fruits and pretty rose buds.” I tasted a sample and bought a bag not really reading the description. I was pleasantly surprised by the tiny rose buds. They are listed as Rugosa rose bud in the ingredients section on the package. The tea has a nice sweet aroma too. It would be really hard to be disagreeable when sipping this tea, so I thought it would be good one to photograph with the mug. I love that the saying changes from ‘disagree’ to ‘agree’ with the addition of a hot beverage. I didn’t spend any time this morning on the photography part of this post, I needed my caffeine fix. It was cool to notice that some of the geranium blossoms matched the tea towel. I snapped them off and placed them next to the mug making the second photo more agreeable too.