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Crochet Lace Edging for Easter
April 8, 2014


This edging has several symbols related to Easter. It has baskets with bobble eggs on the front and palm frond leaves. According to the symbolism used on Ukrainian Pysanky the nets represent Jesus. They can also represent his disciples. The ladders represent prayers reaching Heaven, and dots (picots here) represent Mary’s tears at the crucifixion. I may be seeing symbolism that the designer didn’t intend. Still, it is fun to think it matches the Pysanky I like to decorate at this time of year.

It isn’t an easy pattern crochet. I would like to do it again and make some subtle changes. There are so many pretty patterns tempting me that it will be a while before I try this again. I made two pieces each 24″ long. I am going to use them on the ends of a piece of linen for a table runner, or a pair of towels. I have some natural linen, but maybe a pastel color would be better.

Here are a couple of other photos.



The pattern is in the magazine, Burda Special E841 Crochet Lace.  It was published in 2005, so would have to be obtained by a reseller like ebay.


Red Doily
April 5, 2014


A red doily to go with a few Pysanky. It also goes with a little teapot Rick gave me for Valentine’s Day this year.


Here is an overall photo.


I saw a doily similar to this one for sale on Etsy a year or so ago. Playing on Pinterest one day (a terrible time suck habit) there was a link to a similar pattern. I really wanted to see how the lattice stitches were done, so I gave it a try. The pattern has too many stitches in some areas and too few stitches in others to let this doily lie flat. It might not be the real pattern only the poster’s interpretation. Anyway I was able to get it to work, not perfectly, but usable. It is a nice size at about 16″ in diameter.

February 28, 2011

Sorry Y’All. I do not seem to have much time anymore to visit the internet. I am still into my health kick, so exercise, cooking, and meditation cut into any free time I use to spend on the internet. I do not have any Lupus symptoms, so all this work has been worth the price in one way. I do miss seeing everyone’s blog updates.


I took a class offered by our local Adult school on making Pysanky, otherwise known as Ukrainian egg dying. I have made Pysanky before. The last time was in 2007. I thought it would be an easy way to practice and not get caught up in it again. I really enjoy writing in wax on eggs. There is something almost spiritual in the process. So now I am caught up in it again. I went on Craigslist and found home grown eggs, duck and chicken. They dye more evenly than machined washed store eggs.

I have never decorated Pysanky with the drop-pull method. I practiced a bit on paper, but drop-pulling wax on an eggshell feels totally different. I am getting better but have a long way to go before I understand the technique. It is a technique where a pin or nail head is dipped in melted wax and pulled down the egg to make a tear drop shape in various patterns. It is hard for me to get all the drops looking the same. Here is a photo of my scratch eggs.  I do want to master this someday.


Just wanted to let everyone know that exercise does not get more enjoyable with practice.  It does get a bit more routine, so it has become easier to make myself do it like any other chore.  It does make life more comfortable once finished, like most other chores.