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Playing with the Rainbow Loom
May 12, 2014


I am intrigued by the Rainbow Loom, so I have been playing around a bit. I am trying to think of some adult type things to make, but have been making bracelets since they are small. The elastic nature and decorative possibilities are endless. Anyway, I have been having fun.

In knitting there are purl stitches. With rubber band fishtail looping they are a bit trickier to accomplish. There is a band between the stitch being worked and the new band being added. I found a way around it. My son thinks the stitch is too difficult for most kids. He told me the kids see the more elaborated designs and get discouraged when they can’t do it. They often don’t want to put in the time it takes to improve their skills. He thinks that is the main reason the fad for the bracelets is ending. That, and adults like me are now playing around a bit. Here are a few things I have come up with.

A rose bud bracelet made with a 5 pin fishtail flowers and looped in the triangle bracelet pattern.


A cherry blossom bracelet made with a 5 pin fishtail flowers, including purl stitch loops, and looped in the triangle bracelet pattern.


A forget-me-not bracelet made like the bracelet above. This is the one I thought of first, since the flower is perfect for friendship bracelets. I wanted to use a lighter blue, but it is too close in tone to all the greens I have and wouldn’t have stood out. I compromised by using a darker blue, and very light green. I think it works OK.


This is a daisy chain design. The band is a simple chain, the flowers are formed over 6 pins.


Since every design looks great using clear and rainbow jelly bands, the flowers became stars.


And finally a gun drop bracelet. This is a happy accident. My son thought the bead like texture reminded him of gum drops.


I have two Bruges doilies in progress. They are going to require a great deal of thought to finish. These bracelets have been a nice diversion. I think the craft could be used in some decorative home accessory way. I have lots and lots of rubber bands when I think of something.


Another Wednesday
February 6, 2013

Another Wednesday, so another blog post. Not that I have been up to much. I am attempting organize my craft book shelves. It is a major undertaking. At one time each shelf held one type of craft. Not anymore, so I need a new system. I sit and stare at the piles hoping that each book will magically fly into its perfect place. That hasn’t happened yet. Maybe tomorrow. I think I started on the bookshelves because I don’t know which project I want to start, Rick’s shirt or the twenties top. Maybe tomorrow I’ll decide.

The other day I thought I needed some exercise and decided I would go for a walk along one of the walking and bike trails we have here. I took the camera thinking I would get some nice photos. Well, it isn’t really pretty here this time of year, everything is dormant, and grey. It was a little creepy too. A few bikes sped past, but not any walkers. At one point I actually wondered if the big paw prints I saw were from a dog or a cougar. It wasn’t a complete failure though. After pointing clicking away, I noticed that if I shot into the sun that the photos were even creepier than if I took them with the sun to my back. It is a little hard to see what I am actually shooting, but fun anyway. Here is my creepiest shot of the day.


For something a little cheerier, the poinsettia that was bought for a table center 4 years ago and is still alive and well in its original pot has decided to turn red. I placed the pot in a north east window and the plant is now the size of a small shrub. I don’t know if or how to prune it. The foliage is pretty all year long. I didn’t realize poinsettias make such great house plants.


A Sunny Day
January 30, 2013

Not much going on here at the moment, so not much to blog about. It is really sunny and warm which is new. It is the picture perfect SoCal end to January. Taking a few moments to feed the ducks always improves my mood. I grabbed my camera as I headed to the grocery store. Isn’t it nice that they built a lake when they put in the strip mall on the corner? As you can see there are lots of ducks to feed.


I did get one photo that had a bit of interest, a duck was stretching his wings.


12 12 12
December 12, 2012

I love it when the month, day, and year are the same. This is last time in my lifetime for it to happen. It has been fun for the past 12 years, finding these otherwise normal days and making them special.

I dislike rain, but love the look of raindrops on the Heavenly Bamboo plants outside our kitchen window. I wanted to get a photo, though my photos never capture the same feel as looking out the window. I zoomed into several of the photos to see which one had the best focus. The reflection in one of the rain droplets seemed to be an eye looking right at me. It was in all the photos. Can’t really figure out what is being reflected to look like an eye.



On the crafting front, I am making Rick a shirt for Christmas. I am putting an embroidery on the sleeve. I digitized the signature he uses on his paintings and added it to an Urban Trends design. The shirt is black and the embroidery will be subtle in dark grays. No photos yet. Instead I stitched out this Vintage Rose design, also from OESD, on muslin. I was looking at some 1920’s dresses and they had big roses embroidered all over them. I want to do the same, maybe on a top though. I don’t wear dresses anymore. The actual embroidery file is for a multi-color ecru rose, but I think I like it all in black. Might even be interesting on a denim shirt.


In spare moments I am trying to finish the never ending yoyo bag. I have 26 more yoyos to make before sewing the bag together. Then I need to decide on how I want to make a handle.  I need something more practical than sewing the top two corners together as I did last time.



That is all for this week.  Why do the weeks fly by so fast?

November 28, 2012

I wanted to write a blog post that questioned crafting, all the things we make in our homes in a world that is over abundant with stuff. I lost my courage as soon as I went on-line. I still want to make everything I see. I think I was feeling guilty for having so much, and not using it wisely.

I didn’t have the will power to control my spending on one of the Black Friday sales either. I ordered some embroidery designs which were like 60% off. They will be here on Friday. Hopefully I will have something to show you all next week.

This change thing I have been doing for the past 2 1/2 years has been very difficult at times. I am keeping the weight off, and my Lupus symptoms are pretty much gone. From what I have read about changing habits, I have about 18 more months to be diligent. Actually I think I have to be diligent for the rest of my life. Exercise has taken a lot of time from my crafting. On the plus side my dowager’s hump is mostly gone. I didn’t think that was possible, but doing the spine straightening exercises daily worked. It took over a year though. Being slumped over craft work messes with the lungs too, by compressing them. So many ladies in my knitting group suffer from health problems that could be related to crafting too much, like I did. Maybe that is one reason I am questioning my devotion to crafting and blogging about it. Both require so much sitting time, plus I tend to snack more when I am involved in either. There is all the time, all the skills I have developed, all the supplies I have yet to use that would be wasted if I don’t figure out a way to exercise and craft. Does any of this make any sense, or have I truly lost it? Am I worrying needlessly?

On to other things. Below is another photo from our Disneyland vacation. Rick has a photographer’s eye and he pointed out this spot as we were walking through a Pirate’s Lair cave on Tom Sawyer’s Island. I asked if I could take the photo. I think he would have taken a better photo, but you all can get an idea of what type of places to look for. One where the light is coming into the surrounding darkness. I was just walking trough the caves not looking, just thinking. I think I live in my head too much of the time and miss things that are right before my eyes.


This has been a really whiney post. I am going to blame it on the rain. It always makes me a little moody, and I wanted to post today rain or shine.