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November 28, 2012

I wanted to write a blog post that questioned crafting, all the things we make in our homes in a world that is over abundant with stuff. I lost my courage as soon as I went on-line. I still want to make everything I see. I think I was feeling guilty for having so much, and not using it wisely.

I didn’t have the will power to control my spending on one of the Black Friday sales either. I ordered some embroidery designs which were like 60% off. They will be here on Friday. Hopefully I will have something to show you all next week.

This change thing I have been doing for the past 2 1/2 years has been very difficult at times. I am keeping the weight off, and my Lupus symptoms are pretty much gone. From what I have read about changing habits, I have about 18 more months to be diligent. Actually I think I have to be diligent for the rest of my life. Exercise has taken a lot of time from my crafting. On the plus side my dowager’s hump is mostly gone. I didn’t think that was possible, but doing the spine straightening exercises daily worked. It took over a year though. Being slumped over craft work messes with the lungs too, by compressing them. So many ladies in my knitting group suffer from health problems that could be related to crafting too much, like I did. Maybe that is one reason I am questioning my devotion to crafting and blogging about it. Both require so much sitting time, plus I tend to snack more when I am involved in either. There is all the time, all the skills I have developed, all the supplies I have yet to use that would be wasted if I don’t figure out a way to exercise and craft. Does any of this make any sense, or have I truly lost it? Am I worrying needlessly?

On to other things. Below is another photo from our Disneyland vacation. Rick has a photographer’s eye and he pointed out this spot as we were walking through a Pirate’s Lair cave on Tom Sawyer’s Island. I asked if I could take the photo. I think he would have taken a better photo, but you all can get an idea of what type of places to look for. One where the light is coming into the surrounding darkness. I was just walking trough the caves not looking, just thinking. I think I live in my head too much of the time and miss things that are right before my eyes.


This has been a really whiney post. I am going to blame it on the rain. It always makes me a little moody, and I wanted to post today rain or shine.


The View
November 14, 2012

I think I will start with photos of the view from our 11th floor room at the Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland California.  We stayed the first night there, then moved to the Grand Californian for the next two nights.  I added this first night at a later date and the room rates had gone up, so we decided it would be best to save a little money while trying out two of the hotels.  Both hotels were fabulous in their own way.  I was awed by the view of California Adventure Park at the Paradise Pier, especially the ever changing colors all night long.


This nighttime photo was difficult to shoot because we didn’t have a tripod, so I had to hold the camera very steady. A flash would have bounced off the glass. This is the clearest one, but the others capture the changing colors. It is nice just taking photos sometimes, even if they do not all turn out well.


We had beautiful weather for our entire stay. The skies were so blue and clear. Rick took this photo of the castle reflection in the water. We played around and took lots of these photos. This was the best one. I didn’t have the right lens on my camera, so the ones I thought looked good didn’t in actuality.


I am still in the midst of a major life overhaul. I am doing better in relation to exercising daily, mostly, and eating an anti-inflammatory diet. It has taken a long time to adjust. I am finding the cues that trigger my bad habits, and trying out new cues to encourage the habits I want to keep. That is one reason I haven’t been blogging. It just takes so much time and thought to change.

I am going to get back into craft blogging.  I love sewing on Belle, the Bernina 830 I named after the Disney Princess.  I really need to share some of things possible on a sewing computer.  It is an amazing machine, almost as magical as Disneyland.

One Year Later….
March 23, 2011

Time flies by so quickly. It was a year ago I was forced by a bad Lupus flare to take better care of myself. I have a lot of bad habits to break, and each one requires so much practice that I haven’t had time to do the fun things like crafting and blogging.

Exercise and diet are in much better shape than they were a year ago. It required a lot of practice time to change from a sedentary lifestyle to one where I make sure I move every joint in my body every day. Dieting can still be a struggle, but even there, practice gets easier with time. I found that I just need to put forward a small bit of effort at first, and remind myself that all effort is cumulative. I plan to use this principle of some other problem areas of my life like the stash, and my messy filing system. I am looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish in the next year.

I cleaned up part of the garden the other day. Last year I didn’t have much energy so the garden was a mess. I never have had much success with dill. I found all this dill growing so nicely in an abandoned pot. I planted dill in the pot two years ago. I think it is because of all the rain and cooler weather that the dill has had a chance to develop a stronger roots. Last year there was just one little spindly plant in the pot I tried vainly to nurse to health.  Sometimes plants need more time too.


I wish I had more to share with everyone. I use crafting and blogging to not face some of the more difficult responsibilities of life. I am easily distracted, which is another bad habit I am working to break. The only way I know to do that at the moment is to take the temptation away and limit my time online. Hopefully with practice I can again share more with everyone. I do read your blog posts every time I am on the computer. I just have not given myself the luxury of writing comments.  That should get better this coming year. Today I decided to practice keeping to a schedule, and I will schedule in time for crafting and blogging.  I am a slow learner, so it might be awhile.

February 28, 2011

Sorry Y’All. I do not seem to have much time anymore to visit the internet. I am still into my health kick, so exercise, cooking, and meditation cut into any free time I use to spend on the internet. I do not have any Lupus symptoms, so all this work has been worth the price in one way. I do miss seeing everyone’s blog updates.


I took a class offered by our local Adult school on making Pysanky, otherwise known as Ukrainian egg dying. I have made Pysanky before. The last time was in 2007. I thought it would be an easy way to practice and not get caught up in it again. I really enjoy writing in wax on eggs. There is something almost spiritual in the process. So now I am caught up in it again. I went on Craigslist and found home grown eggs, duck and chicken. They dye more evenly than machined washed store eggs.

I have never decorated Pysanky with the drop-pull method. I practiced a bit on paper, but drop-pulling wax on an eggshell feels totally different. I am getting better but have a long way to go before I understand the technique. It is a technique where a pin or nail head is dipped in melted wax and pulled down the egg to make a tear drop shape in various patterns. It is hard for me to get all the drops looking the same. Here is a photo of my scratch eggs.  I do want to master this someday.


Just wanted to let everyone know that exercise does not get more enjoyable with practice.  It does get a bit more routine, so it has become easier to make myself do it like any other chore.  It does make life more comfortable once finished, like most other chores.

Our First Snow
January 2, 2011

Here are some photos of our first snow. I was a little worried about the plants in the yard, then remembered my one big goal this year is to look for the positive. In other words I want to work on changing my habit of jumping to negative worry thoughts first thing to seeing life as the adventure I think it is meant to be. Snow here is vey rare. It was so much fun to see the neighborhood kids catching snowflakes on their tongues. We had fun too, taking photos and calling family and friends with the news.





I have been working on a shirt pattern for Rick. I didn’t know there are so many variations in cut and fit of sleeves in men’s shirts. I am planning another blog post on my discoveries. 2011 is starting out to be a very surprising year.