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Art Deco Fashion Book
January 2, 2013


This is a lovely book of drawings of 1920’s fashion. I bought this book last year at the Samuel French bookstore on Ventura Boulevard. Rick and I stop there when we are in the neighborhood. The store is a wonderful resource for books relating to theatre and film. I fell in love with this book. It has 8 to 12 little black and white drawings on at least 100 of the 408 pages. That is a lot of inspiration. There are many color pages too. This book will be big help in deciding where to place embroidery designs, such as the black rose from a previous post, on a garment. The photo above is labeled with the ISBN 9789054961352 to help with finding it online. I found a few books for a reasonable price doing a google search, but like all out of print books, some prices are exorbitant. I paid the list price, I wouldn’t recommend paying more.

Here are a few pages that I particularly like. I want to make the scalloped collar on the right and have been thinking of ways of doing the contrast edging easily. It might have to be trim, since binding scallops is not easy.


I like the hem below. This has the scallops following the embroidery.


Having the embroidery peek out on an under dress is nice too.


Many of the photos I took were really blurry. So this is all I have to share right now. I do need to stop looking at books and actually make something. That will be my resolution for this year.

Best wishes for your health and happiness in 2013.


1930 NeedleCraft Magazine
October 17, 2009

I love the illustrations on the old “NeedleCraft” magazines. Here is another favorite of a girl stitching out of doors on a bright and beautiful day. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!


“Patterns of Fashion 4”
October 10, 2009

I can not decide how to cut the front of my Croatian shirt. The pattern calls for a center front seam so the top placket can be folded from the fronts, rather than using a separate pieces of fabric for the placket. One one hand I really do not like the look of a center front seam, on the other, separate pieces add the bulk of seam allowances at the bottom of the placket area, which is covered by a shaped band. The extra bulk would show more as the garment gets washed and just like seams on jeans would show more wear on the seam edges under the shaped band. What to do?

I thought I would look through “Patterns of Fashion 4” by Janet Arnold. The shirts in this book are of a much earlier period, so not much information on plackets. I had forgotten how absolutely fabulous this book is. It covers shirts, smocks, neckwear, headwear, and accessories from 1540 to 1660. There are photographs, detailed drawings, and scaled patterns of actual garments. Since I am thinking of buying an embroidery machine soon, I saw lots of inspiration for embroidery placement. Below are a couple of nicely detailed drawings of shirt embroidery and the bottom photo is a drawing of the construction of woven socks. The time period is before the advent of knitting, but I can see where the shaping of the socks I knit now originated.




Ondori Rose Book
October 9, 2009

I do not know the real title of this lovely 1990 filet crochet book. It is in Japanese, and I do not read Japanese. I have always wanted to make the doily pictured on the front cover. I have made a few filet doilies before, and it can be tricky getting all the holes square. I gave many filet doilies away before I knew to take photos. I have lots of projects on my “Want to make list”, so I do not know why my thoughts have been consumed about purchasing a new sewing machine lately. I have been spending too much time on the internet researching. Usually at night I talk myself out of it, but the next morning I think, ‘why not?’, and begin looking for more information. I need to sew more and surf the web less. Maybe if I did that I would have more projects crossed off my list.


“Hand Knits By Beehive”
October 7, 2009

Here are a couple of pages from the 1942 Paton’s pattern book “Hand Knits by Beehive, Sweater Roundup…for the Teens”. Most of the patterns are basic knit silhouettes. I have been busy with a few little projects around the house. I hope you all do not mind some inspiration form the past.


I liked the puffy sleeves and cable epaulettes on this sweater.


The ribbed stripes and bows are a nice addition to this sweater.