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Happy Holidays!
December 19, 2012

Less than a week to Christmas, and I still have so much to do.

I didn’t get to much crafting this week either. I had two big fillings replaced, one will need a crown. So with the dentist appointments and the internet, I didn’t get much done. A few yo-yos got made, and one embroidery sample. Not much to show for a whole week. I am still struggling to use my time wisely, but it tends to get away from me. Maybe by admitting that I will take some serious action to improve the situation.

I want to do this to the collar on Rick’s shirt. The patterns I have do not give directions on how to install collar stays. I really like this way, which is on several of Rick’s shirts. I will have to re-pattern the collar facing, but I think it is easily doable. The shirt has a binding down the inside button edge. I might do that too, though on a black shirt there may be no reason. It could be for decoration instead of utility.


I did a practice embroidery using the endless embroidery feature on my machine. It requires re-hooping the fabric and matching these little basted arrows with the needle. It was surprisingly easy. This design is one that came included on Belle. I wanted to use something that was intricate but didn’t use a lot of thread. I like how this pattern looks all lined up. Now I need to find something to put it on.

Endless-Embroidery-Sample copy

Merry Christmas Hugs to Everyone!


Out in the yard.
May 7, 2012

This update is long over due. I want to blog, but wanting and doing seem to be two different things. I have been sewing on Belle, my wonderful Bernina 830E machine. It is a marvel.

I just finished this little top. It is Vogue pattern #1246. Rick took the photo and the back lighting is a wonderful. My thinning hair and wrinkles almost disappear. I made the jeans too. I used a 1990 Calvin Klein jeans pattern. I love the fit.


Here is a photo Rick took of a backyard visitor yesterday. This is a gopher snake, that looked to be more than 4 feet long. We have rattlers here, so it is always nice to see a snake tail without a rattle. This particular snake didn’t mind us being in his yard and went about unconcerned. That is how we had time to get the camera and get such a clear shot of his head.


My Belle
April 17, 2010

The weeks seem to fly by. Not much happening here. With all the rain and cool weather, I haven’t had the urge to start working on the garden yet this year. The lilacs are in bloom under my bedroom window. It is too cold to have the windows open. The last few years I have been able to have lilac scented breezes drift in as I sleep. Maybe next year.


My favorite rose bush has a lovely scent too. Here is the first rose of 2010.


I am still plying around making mastery workbook samples on Belle. Everyday I get more enamored by this sewing machine. I have been filling squares of fabric using all the different decorative stitches with lots of different types and weights of thread. The machine will stitch in the same holes over and over again, without jamming. It is amazing. I even put metallic knitting yarn in the big bobbin. I like the gold metallic flowers made using a star stitch in the sample below. If I were to do this sample again I would do things differently. The thread color is too close to the fabrics for one. I also cut some of my fabric strips too short and got weird angles. Next time crazy quilting should go better. I was using odds and ends of fabric and was more interested in how the machine worked, so I just finished it this way. I need to move on to the next mastery workbook sections or I will never get through them all.


Here is the applique sample. I used the circular attachment for the reverse applique circle. I want to play with this tool some more too.


When I get to the Embroidery Workbook I hope my samples are more interesting. I want to try to do some videos too. I wish I could show how the decorative stitches can be manipulated. I can spend all day trying them this way and that.

An Update
March 19, 2010

It is about time I update this blog, only I haven’t been up to much that is interesting to write about.

All the pear trees are in bloom which makes the back yard really pretty.


Craft-wise I have been playing with Belle and doing all the exercises in the Bernina Mastery Workbook. I am about half way through. Belle is my first Bernina machine, so I know many people did these exercises years ago. I need time to decide on my next big project, and none of my UFOs are drawing me to finish them.


Even though I have been sewing for many years, it has been nice sew samples of techniques I am good at and the ones that catch me off guard. I especially liked the double wing heirloom technique. I hope to find a project to use it on soon.  I didn’t get the middle holes to line up perfectly on my first row of the chain design.  The second row shown on the top is better.


I had never played with a triple needle either. These were fun to stitch out.


Fringing is a technique that at first was hard for me to get right using the workbook directions. I changed where it says to remove bobbin thread carefully, to cutting the bobbin thread right down the middle. Then the fringe was easy to sew. I want to play with this more. I like the decorative stitch I used on the left side, not so much the one on the right.


I have done all the samples in the first 4 workbooks and am to the quilting part of workbook 5. It has been nice just playing around this month, trying all the different feet and attachments.

Happy Valentine’s Day
February 14, 2010

I wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!

Actually I do not really know what to write about. I am having a hard time trying to decide on a challenging project to work on. I finished quilting the little spiral table top quilt. It was really easy to do on the new sewing machine. The extra space and the wonderful feed system made the whole process quite easy. I am still bothered by the red swastika showing in the design. I mentioned it at a couple of quilt shops (there were big sales this weekend), and ladies at both places said that they have seen similar things happen with other patterns. So it is something I need to watch out for from now on.

I am going to try this pattern next. It is called a chop-suey pattern. It has places where 8 points come together and I want to practice that. It also is supposed to take only 8 hours to piece. I bought the pattern 20 years ago when Alex was a baby. I remember it was on sale at the time. I was going to make a small quick quilt for him even though I was working 60 hour weeks. Actually I got more done then, than I do now. I think I wore myself out. I had forgotten about the pattern and found it when looking though a box of old magazines. Right now I feel I need something quick and easy to work on.


I still need to bind the “Crazy 8 Strip Teaser” quilt, which is the pattern name of the spiral table topper. To sew the binding, which is a bias printed plaid, I had to cut straight of grain strips and then piece then together on the bias. The 8 corners will give me lots of them to practice mitering. I was really lazy and didn’t press the seams before taking this photo.  The plaid was a little tricky to try and match because the lines are drawn wiggly.  I sewed in the white space between two lines.  From a distance and on a quilt with, lets say, a more noticeable design feature , it won’t make any difference if the seams show.