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YouTube and Rubberbands
June 28, 2014

I have a YouTube Channel.

Time flies while looming rubber bands together into bracelets. Also while learning how to make videos and uploading to YouTube using a slow dsl internet connection. I have been slow to change to the new cable internet and still don’t have a smart phone. I have been procrastinating, worried about the cost.  Now may be the time to update.  My family is very eager for me to do so.

Here are a few of the bracelets that I have been working on. I see so many more possibilities. It takes quite a few tries to get things to work out. I love the process of discovery that these little bands offer.

Here are photos of the Ruffle Bracelets. Two with flowers in-between the ruffles.




These bracelets feature more daisy type charms.



This bracelet has little bees. The rubber bands loop to form tiny eyes and a mouth on the head.


The bands can form Lily of the Valley type charms too.



And Bluebells.


This is a WaterLily inspired bracelet. I still need to do a video on this one.


When my son gave me the loom I had no idea of all the possibilities. It is really fun. I am learning so much. That is the best part of crafting. Trying out new techniques.