Red Doily


A red doily to go with a few Pysanky. It also goes with a little teapot Rick gave me for Valentine’s Day this year.


Here is an overall photo.


I saw a doily similar to this one for sale on Etsy a year or so ago. Playing on Pinterest one day (a terrible time suck habit) there was a link to a similar pattern. I really wanted to see how the lattice stitches were done, so I gave it a try. The pattern has too many stitches in some areas and too few stitches in others to let this doily lie flat. It might not be the real pattern only the poster’s interpretation. Anyway I was able to get it to work, not perfectly, but usable. It is a nice size at about 16″ in diameter.


7 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness, your work is stunning. I wish you were close by to sit and teach me. Wonderful. I’m going to keep looking at your blog.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous! It certainly looks perfect and perfectly flat to me. Do you block crochet like you do knitting?

  3. Lovely! Do you have the link to the pattern? What size hook and thread did you use?

  4. Lovely edging, lovely doily. Have you ever made pysanky yourself? My daughter lives in Vegreville Alberta, the home of the largest pysanky in the world.

  5. Please can you link to the pattern?

  6. I am sorry I did not save the link for the pattern. I have been looking for it and can’t find it anymore. One site that use to be public, now is only for members, which I am not. It is a Russian site. The pattern is most likely there. I worked from a screen capture, so I did not have to download anything. The patten needs some work, especially with the chain stitch counts. There needs to be more space between the border motifs too. I found the Victorian pattern that this doily is based on. It is a runner edging pattern, and free at Antique Pattern Library. It is in a book named ” Handbook of Crochet #2”. I hope this information is helpful.

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