For the Breakfast Table

I never know exactly what I should write.  That and knowing I get easily distracted and waste valuable crafting time on the internet keeps me from blogging regularly.

I finally finished a little table center for our breakfast table.  It was put on hold because it took more thread than I thought it would.  I used a second dyelot and worried it wouldn’t match.  I decided to finish it and then over dye it, which wasn’t necessary.  The slightly more golden dyelot is in the points, so it blends.  I love Cebeliia thread.  It has never let me down.  This one is made with a 1980 pattern from Japan.  I decided to try and loosen my gauge and use a size 10 hook and my favorite size 30 thread.  I usually use a 12 hook.  I don’t like working in the looser gauge, but the crochet blocked out thinner and more delicate than my other lace doilies.  The doily is 36″ in diameter and the table is 42″.  I plan on sewing a dark green table cloth to go underneath the gold of the doily.




I am still sewing a bit too, and playing with machine embroidery designs. I have several almost finished items like this doily. It feels really good to have this one finished.

3 Responses

  1. How exquisite! Your work & color of thread is stunning. Good to hear you could solve the dyelot dilemma too. I ran into that when knitting the beaded wedding bag for our DIL – nothing to do but start over – but it all turn out okay in the end. I always learn best by trial and error:o)

  2. Really beautiful work!

  3. This is really beautiful Joyce! Love the color, love the pattern!

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