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A New Project
February 13, 2013

I decided to join our local chapter of the American Sewing Guild. Tonight is the second meeting working on what we are calling a French jacket using Chanel couture sewing techniques. That is where the lining is quilted to the face fabric to give the jacket body without weight. It should feel as comfortable as wearing a sweater. On Saturday a group of ladies from our neighborhood chapter  went shopping in LosAngeles. We met at 8:30AM and headed downtown to Michael Levine’s. It was important to go early, which I found out when I went to leave. It was so busy, the parking and traffic were crazy. Next we went to Mood at their new location on LaBrea, then on to International Silks and Woolens.

I bought this fabric at Mood for the jacket.


I am planning on combining a couple of patterns to get a modified swing style jacket.  I don’t want a short boxy one.   This jacket project is one that we will be working on all year.

It was so much fun shopping with everyone.  I loved all the stores and spent way more than I had planned.  I love this fabric, and the lining fabric too.



Another Wednesday
February 6, 2013

Another Wednesday, so another blog post. Not that I have been up to much. I am attempting organize my craft book shelves. It is a major undertaking. At one time each shelf held one type of craft. Not anymore, so I need a new system. I sit and stare at the piles hoping that each book will magically fly into its perfect place. That hasn’t happened yet. Maybe tomorrow. I think I started on the bookshelves because I don’t know which project I want to start, Rick’s shirt or the twenties top. Maybe tomorrow I’ll decide.

The other day I thought I needed some exercise and decided I would go for a walk along one of the walking and bike trails we have here. I took the camera thinking I would get some nice photos. Well, it isn’t really pretty here this time of year, everything is dormant, and grey. It was a little creepy too. A few bikes sped past, but not any walkers. At one point I actually wondered if the big paw prints I saw were from a dog or a cougar. It wasn’t a complete failure though. After pointing clicking away, I noticed that if I shot into the sun that the photos were even creepier than if I took them with the sun to my back. It is a little hard to see what I am actually shooting, but fun anyway. Here is my creepiest shot of the day.


For something a little cheerier, the poinsettia that was bought for a table center 4 years ago and is still alive and well in its original pot has decided to turn red. I placed the pot in a north east window and the plant is now the size of a small shrub. I don’t know if or how to prune it. The foliage is pretty all year long. I didn’t realize poinsettias make such great house plants.