Happy Holidays!

Less than a week to Christmas, and I still have so much to do.

I didn’t get to much crafting this week either. I had two big fillings replaced, one will need a crown. So with the dentist appointments and the internet, I didn’t get much done. A few yo-yos got made, and one embroidery sample. Not much to show for a whole week. I am still struggling to use my time wisely, but it tends to get away from me. Maybe by admitting that I will take some serious action to improve the situation.

I want to do this to the collar on Rick’s shirt. The patterns I have do not give directions on how to install collar stays. I really like this way, which is on several of Rick’s shirts. I will have to re-pattern the collar facing, but I think it is easily doable. The shirt has a binding down the inside button edge. I might do that too, though on a black shirt there may be no reason. It could be for decoration instead of utility.


I did a practice embroidery using the endless embroidery feature on my machine. It requires re-hooping the fabric and matching these little basted arrows with the needle. It was surprisingly easy. This design is one that came included on Belle. I wanted to use something that was intricate but didn’t use a lot of thread. I like how this pattern looks all lined up. Now I need to find something to put it on.

Endless-Embroidery-Sample copy

Merry Christmas Hugs to Everyone!

2 Responses

  1. Dental work is never fun…I hope you got through it painlessly.

    Love the stitch that was on Belle. I can see why you want to use it on a garment and I know you’ll come up with the perfect place to use it.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and all that is good in the New Year. I can empathize with your dental visits. Have finished up antibiotics for a sinus infection but still think there is something going on with the teeth…so much going on right now I keep putting off making an appointment.

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