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I almost forgot
December 26, 2012

I almost forgot to blog today. The big reason is I haven’t done anything blog worthy this week.

We had a nice quite Christmas at home. Rick gave me two wonderful Fashion History books. I love these types of books and spend hours looking at all the wonderful detailed photos imagining life when these clothes were made and worn. I am more interested in the making than the wearing though. The top book is from the Kyoto Museum in Japan. It is fabulous. It is hard to explain just how fabulous.  The other book is from the costume collection at LACMA our LA Art Museum.  I definitely need to find time for a visit soon.


Happy New Year to you all!

I am looking froward to all the wonderful things my blogging friends make and share in 2013.


Happy Holidays!
December 19, 2012

Less than a week to Christmas, and I still have so much to do.

I didn’t get to much crafting this week either. I had two big fillings replaced, one will need a crown. So with the dentist appointments and the internet, I didn’t get much done. A few yo-yos got made, and one embroidery sample. Not much to show for a whole week. I am still struggling to use my time wisely, but it tends to get away from me. Maybe by admitting that I will take some serious action to improve the situation.

I want to do this to the collar on Rick’s shirt. The patterns I have do not give directions on how to install collar stays. I really like this way, which is on several of Rick’s shirts. I will have to re-pattern the collar facing, but I think it is easily doable. The shirt has a binding down the inside button edge. I might do that too, though on a black shirt there may be no reason. It could be for decoration instead of utility.


I did a practice embroidery using the endless embroidery feature on my machine. It requires re-hooping the fabric and matching these little basted arrows with the needle. It was surprisingly easy. This design is one that came included on Belle. I wanted to use something that was intricate but didn’t use a lot of thread. I like how this pattern looks all lined up. Now I need to find something to put it on.

Endless-Embroidery-Sample copy

Merry Christmas Hugs to Everyone!

12 12 12
December 12, 2012

I love it when the month, day, and year are the same. This is last time in my lifetime for it to happen. It has been fun for the past 12 years, finding these otherwise normal days and making them special.

I dislike rain, but love the look of raindrops on the Heavenly Bamboo plants outside our kitchen window. I wanted to get a photo, though my photos never capture the same feel as looking out the window. I zoomed into several of the photos to see which one had the best focus. The reflection in one of the rain droplets seemed to be an eye looking right at me. It was in all the photos. Can’t really figure out what is being reflected to look like an eye.



On the crafting front, I am making Rick a shirt for Christmas. I am putting an embroidery on the sleeve. I digitized the signature he uses on his paintings and added it to an Urban Trends design. The shirt is black and the embroidery will be subtle in dark grays. No photos yet. Instead I stitched out this Vintage Rose design, also from OESD, on muslin. I was looking at some 1920’s dresses and they had big roses embroidered all over them. I want to do the same, maybe on a top though. I don’t wear dresses anymore. The actual embroidery file is for a multi-color ecru rose, but I think I like it all in black. Might even be interesting on a denim shirt.


In spare moments I am trying to finish the never ending yoyo bag. I have 26 more yoyos to make before sewing the bag together. Then I need to decide on how I want to make a handle.  I need something more practical than sewing the top two corners together as I did last time.



That is all for this week.  Why do the weeks fly by so fast?

Happy Birthday Walt
December 5, 2012


I wasn’t sure what to blog about today, and then I saw that it is Walt Disney’s Birthday today on other blogs.

Since this is a crafting blog I wanted to mention the long T-shirt I am wearing. I don’t like short shirts, I think longer is more slimming. When shirts cut off at the hip it draws the eye to that part of the body which I think makes me look wider there. I have big thighs. So I bought two T-shirts in two sizes and cut off the bottom of the bigger one and sewed it to the bottom of the smaller one. The hip of the smaller was the same measurement of the waist of the larger. I don’t have a cover-stitch machine, so I did a mock cover-stitch. I overlocked the top cut edge of the skirt and attached the top by sewing over the original cover-stitching of the top with a ball point 2.5mm double needle . The 830 didn’t drop a stitch which often happened when I tried this technique with my other machines. It worked so well I bought 2 other patterns of the T-shirts and made 2 other long shirts.