Out in the yard.

This update is long over due. I want to blog, but wanting and doing seem to be two different things. I have been sewing on Belle, my wonderful Bernina 830E machine. It is a marvel.

I just finished this little top. It is Vogue pattern #1246. Rick took the photo and the back lighting is a wonderful. My thinning hair and wrinkles almost disappear. I made the jeans too. I used a 1990 Calvin Klein jeans pattern. I love the fit.


Here is a photo Rick took of a backyard visitor yesterday. This is a gopher snake, that looked to be more than 4 feet long. We have rattlers here, so it is always nice to see a snake tail without a rattle. This particular snake didn’t mind us being in his yard and went about unconcerned. That is how we had time to get the camera and get such a clear shot of his head.



2 Responses

  1. That looks fabulous

  2. You could be a model!!! I always admire anyone who can sew garments – not my forte at all – that is why I switched to quilting – a quilt always fits me!
    Afraid that slithery creature would have had me on the run, despite his non-poisonous status. Even little ones make me weak in the knees.
    Good to hear from you again and to see your post!

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