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Happy Valentine’s Day
February 13, 2012

I know it has been a long time since I have had anything to blog about. Finally I finished a project in time for the appropriate holiday. These little boxes are from a free pattern at Stitch Delight . Scroll down the page a bit and the link is on the right hand side.

To be truthful, I did alter the pattern a bit to get everything to stitch out the way I wanted. I thought the sides needed more stability, so added a few of rows of under stitching. Also I adjusted the sizing slightly to get the pieces to fit together better. It was a learning experience since I haven’t done as much machine embroidery as I wish. Hopefully I can have time soon to learn more about it.



I am sorry I do not post comments on everyones blogs anymore. I do read your updates. I am still working on learning new habits. When I am online I still have a terrible time getting off. Right now I control it by not getting on unless I have something I have to do like pay a bill. It takes such a long time to develop new habits.