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One Year Later….
March 23, 2011

Time flies by so quickly. It was a year ago I was forced by a bad Lupus flare to take better care of myself. I have a lot of bad habits to break, and each one requires so much practice that I haven’t had time to do the fun things like crafting and blogging.

Exercise and diet are in much better shape than they were a year ago. It required a lot of practice time to change from a sedentary lifestyle to one where I make sure I move every joint in my body every day. Dieting can still be a struggle, but even there, practice gets easier with time. I found that I just need to put forward a small bit of effort at first, and remind myself that all effort is cumulative. I plan to use this principle of some other problem areas of my life like the stash, and my messy filing system. I am looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish in the next year.

I cleaned up part of the garden the other day. Last year I didn’t have much energy so the garden was a mess. I never have had much success with dill. I found all this dill growing so nicely in an abandoned pot. I planted dill in the pot two years ago. I think it is because of all the rain and cooler weather that the dill has had a chance to develop a stronger roots. Last year there was just one little spindly plant in the pot I tried vainly to nurse to health.  Sometimes plants need more time too.


I wish I had more to share with everyone. I use crafting and blogging to not face some of the more difficult responsibilities of life. I am easily distracted, which is another bad habit I am working to break. The only way I know to do that at the moment is to take the temptation away and limit my time online. Hopefully with practice I can again share more with everyone. I do read your blog posts every time I am on the computer. I just have not given myself the luxury of writing comments.  That should get better this coming year. Today I decided to practice keeping to a schedule, and I will schedule in time for crafting and blogging.  I am a slow learner, so it might be awhile.