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February 28, 2011

Sorry Y’All. I do not seem to have much time anymore to visit the internet. I am still into my health kick, so exercise, cooking, and meditation cut into any free time I use to spend on the internet. I do not have any Lupus symptoms, so all this work has been worth the price in one way. I do miss seeing everyone’s blog updates.


I took a class offered by our local Adult school on making Pysanky, otherwise known as Ukrainian egg dying. I have made Pysanky before. The last time was in 2007. I thought it would be an easy way to practice and not get caught up in it again. I really enjoy writing in wax on eggs. There is something almost spiritual in the process. So now I am caught up in it again. I went on Craigslist and found home grown eggs, duck and chicken. They dye more evenly than machined washed store eggs.

I have never decorated Pysanky with the drop-pull method. I practiced a bit on paper, but drop-pulling wax on an eggshell feels totally different. I am getting better but have a long way to go before I understand the technique. It is a technique where a pin or nail head is dipped in melted wax and pulled down the egg to make a tear drop shape in various patterns. It is hard for me to get all the drops looking the same. Here is a photo of my scratch eggs.  I do want to master this someday.


Just wanted to let everyone know that exercise does not get more enjoyable with practice.  It does get a bit more routine, so it has become easier to make myself do it like any other chore.  It does make life more comfortable once finished, like most other chores.