The Journey

It has been so encouraging seeing so many of my blogging friends engaging in a journey of self-improvement. I have been on a similar journey for the past 6 months. The problem is I have a hard time blogging about such personal experiences. I have written this post several times in my head and on paper. It is not that I am shy, exactly the opposite. If you all were to meet me in a coffee shop or a knit group I would find it easy to talk about everything. Writing has always been hard for me. Since I thought it was hard, I never practiced.

I also did not do well in sports, so did not pay very close attention in gym class either. I now realize that my hatred of exercise stems from this mental block. I hate to admit it, I have made a habit of only doing things I feel confident doing, and let the rest slide. My big step in self-improvement this month is the realization that learning new things can be fun and I do not have to do them perfectly. I have been exercising every day. Some days things go well, other days I have to learn a new way of moving so my joints aren’t as painful. Actually just moving is healing. I may have figured that out sooner if my mental block wasn’t so set in place.

This realization has given me a new view of my crafting. I have a bad habit of buying supplies and never getting around to making the project. Going through some of them, I realize I had questions that I didn’t know the answer to on each one. Instead of viewing it as a learning experience, I viewed it as some indiction that I might not be able to get it right. Weird and childish, I realize now. Now I am starting on some of these projects. Making mistakes and having mostly fun doing them. I was sewing this morning and kept messing up. I am working on being OK with it, only I am not to the point of posting a photo on the internet yet. I have a couple of home improvement projects started too. I do a little of each one, and when I get frustrated, move onto something else. This is a much better mindset than the do it perfect or don’t even try one. Hopefully this old brain of mine can rewire itself and this new way of thinking will come to me a bit more naturally.

In my neglected garden this month, the basil is still producing. I didn’t get many tomatoes and the ones I did get had a really tough skin. Here is a photo. Next on my to-do list is whipping up more pesto to freeze.


Here is another new to me veggie. Armenian cucumbers! The skin is soft, so they do not need to be peeled. Buy organic just to be safe. I love cutting the center seeds out and making them into flowers. They also stay crunchy when cooked. I didn’t know what they were the first time I tried them and put them in a stir fry.


I want to encourage everyone on their own personal self-improvement journey. Having set-backs and making mistakes are all part of learning. Even a little effort in the direction you want to go can yield results. Remember to make it fun too.

3 Responses

  1. If I walk away from something (quilting, knitting, etc) when I’ve tried to solve an issue and come back to it later, often the solution is more easily apparent to me. It results in far less frustration. I also want to do things perfectly but frankly do not have the skills or the patience. I’m slowly beginning to realize that as long as I’m improving that I’m moving in the right direction. If we were all perfect from the get-go, I think things would be boring! Learning is the fun part.

  2. This post could have been written by myself–If I could express myself as well as you did. In addition to the things you mentioned, I also collected crafts, knitting,needlepoint and sewing materials for my retirement–in case I couldn’t afford it on a pension. What I didn’t realize is that retirement isn’t a big void of empty time–often I am busier than when I was working. But I am also working my way through my stashes. Good post!!

  3. Well said! Good to see your post too – I have been trying to catch up with so many things since arriving back home and have missed not reading everyone’s doings…
    You have definitely hit on something many of us can identify with so closely. And oh so true as stated by Sigrun above…retirement has proven to be a very busy time in our lives and I have never been so far behind!
    Take care of yourself and have a good week.

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