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Halfway to Somewhere
August 31, 2010

It is the last day of August, so my last chance to post to this blog this month. This summer has been interesting. I am going through a few changes. Mostly because I got so sick in March and needed to do something. Well, first off I have lost the 50 pounds I gained in my 40’s. It is a lot of work losing weight. I still want to lose about 20 more, though according to charts I am in the normal range for my height. Won’t my doctor be surprised at my plaquenil check next week?

Next my knees do not hurt like they use to. I am sure they both appreciate the lighter load I am now placing on them. In the September issue of “Better Homes and Gardens”, there was a little article about cheap sneakers being better for the knees than fancy sports shoes. Something to do with the flexible soles. I am now prancing around in these Converse All*Stars. I love them. Maybe this style won’t be so popular with the kids once they realize that they are grandma’s favorite shoe too.


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am now a vegan. Why animal protein makes Lupus symptoms worse, I do not fully understand. Luckily there seems to be more people sticking to a vegan diet, so there are lots of new prepared food choices on the market. I have been able to find meat substitutes for most of our favorite dishes. I am trying a few new to me foods too. At the market one day I saw these cute green turnips called Kohlrabi. I love them. They are a great snack food. Just peel, slice, and eat. To me the taste is something between a cauliflower and potato, while the texture is crunchy, but softer than a carrot. At only 20 calories, one fills out a diet lunch quite nicely.


As the title of this post suggests, I feel like my life is moving in a new direction. I am just not sure exactly where I am going to end up. I have been sewing on Belle at my mastery classes. My plan is still to post more on the advantages of sewing on such a marvelous computerized machine. Hopefully I will be able to make time soon. I am excited to begin sewing a new wardrobe for the new me.