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Basil & Tomatoes
July 31, 2010


Wow, I just realized July passed by without me getting my act together enough to post to this blog. Even though I have not spent much time in the garden, the basil I put out in 4 hanging pots keeps producing. I have been able to harvest 3 big 14″ colanders already this summer. The tomatoes are taking a bit longer. I didn’t even know I planted little pear tomatoes. I thought I planted cherry ones. These have a thicker skin, but I think I like the taste better. It is good to try new things, even when it is not the intension.


July went by in a whirl of activity. The past 10 weeks I have been exercising every morning for at least 45 minutes using Leslie Sanone’s DVDs. I am still not enthusiastic about exercise, though I do notice an increase in stamina and mobility. These DVDs are easy on the joints. I just came to the realization that I won’t be able to sew or knit, if I didn’t take my health more seriously.

Last weekend I took a marvelous cooking class taught by Janah Adickman and Vanessa DiStefano. Janah’s blog Delish Your Dish has some wonderful and unusual vegetarian recipes. The class was held at Sur La Table at the Grove in Los Angeles. It was the first 2-day Intensive Vegetarian Workshop Sur La Table has offered. The experience is one I will always remember; I had such a good time. Janah helped me change the recipes to vegan and offered me advice on raw food preparation too. I learned how to make tofu, seitan, and mochi from scratch on Saturday, and on Sunday we used those proteins in recipes. My son Alex really liked the mochi and I can see that it is going to become a family favorite.

This post is getting long. I wish everyone a lovely August, and will again try to remember to blog.