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June 27, 2010

I love the lazy days of summer and have been fully enjoying each one. It has been a long time since I updated this blog. I have been using the time to get healthy rather than doing anything craft wise.

As long as I keep vegan and exercise everyday to de-stress, I do not have any Lupus symptoms. My rheumatologist is always amazed that I recover so quickly. I try to tell her that keeping vegan works, but the AMA doesn’t officially recognize it yet. I slipped up and was eating cheese again, feta is a major weakness. I think that is what caused me to flare and end up in the hospital. All forms of protein can cause flares; it is just that animal foods have so much. I am even watching how much wheat I eat. I have been spending quite a bit of time updating my recipe collection to be all vegan. Luckily, Rick and Alex like the vegan dishes I make. ¬†Hopefully I will be able to share some recipes soon.

Even though I am not in the garden much, I have already been able to get 10 cups of basil for pesto. The tomato plants look healthy, but aren’t doing much right now. Here are a couple of photos. One is a rose bud in the rain, and the other is of one of my favorite flowers. It is a chicory blossom. The blossoms do not last long, maybe 2 days, and are spaced out on 5′ tall stems. The humming birds seem to like them too and will perch on the branches to sip the nectar. I haven’t been fast enough to get a photo of that yet, though I have been trying.



Rick has been doing some new sketches. He has just put them on his web page.

I hope you like his work as much as I do.