Mid May

Not much crafting going on here, so I haven’t had anything really to write about. Same with gardening, though I bought 4 tomato plants and some basil to go in the hanging baskets yesterday. I also bought this gorgeous Mandevilla to go on a trellis out back.


This morning I went to JoAnn’s for the current $3.99 Vogue pattern sale. I picked up these two patterns. I have been wanting to make a summery dress, and both these styles caught my eye. Not really sure I will actually make them, but just in case, I wanted to get the patterns while they are on sale.


Now this part of the blog post is something I have been debating about actually mentioning. Since May is Lupus awareness month, I think I will share. I also have those weird antibodies, though I do not like to acknowledge them. I am really weak right now, from a major flare in March. I’ll be fine. I just need time to build my strength back up. That is why my life, crafting, and gardening have been on hold. Frankly, this is hard for me to share, though I do want to offer an explanation for not creating anything to blog about.  Ironic, now that I write this, I am more aware that I need to take my Lupus seriously.  Maybe it took this long for me to recover, just to drill the point into my thick head.

5 Responses

  1. I like the dress on the left. Especially done in a floaty fabric.

    I think we all have a tendency to not want to admit “problems” even to ourselves sometimes. And then we pay for it. sigh. feel better.

  2. Fresh basil….Yummmm!

    I hope you’re feeling better soon and that your doctors are able to find something that works well for you.

  3. I was just going to ask if that was Mandevilla…one of my fave vining flowers! I want to get a pinkish mandevilla…put it in a largish urn and put a oh…what is it with the pretty, decorative tower in the urn and have the mandevilla creep up it…that’s what I want to do! Oh, I think that would look so pretty! It’s such a lovely plant.

    That dress on the left looks so comfy and cute~ the one on the left is quite pretty and summery.

    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Thank you for sharing. I hope you feel better soon.

    I had dresses that looked like the one on the left during one especially hot, muggy summer. They were so comfy and cute.

  5. So good to see your mandevilla – I got mine last summer as a baby plant, wintered it over in the sunroom & it is now taking over the east end of the room! Yours on a trellis will be such a sight – and so envious you can leave it outside.
    IMHO, I think its important to share with others – we tend to feel so isolated and alone otherwise. I know what that is like. We all share in this gift of friendship – whether it be online & scattered around the world or right down the street. Hope you are soon feeling well – take care.

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