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Where are the roses?
April 26, 2010

It was so exciting to see these fire-cracker roses on the two bushes I planted a couple of years ago. I had never been able to get them to bloom. Now I know why. The day after I took these photos the booms were gone, and so were all the buds. My best guess is that a squirrel finds them tasty. How he manages to get around the thorns, I do no know. I put some black pepper on the leaves hoping that any new buds might be protected. We will have to see how that goes.



I have been feeling a little under the weather for a while now, catching every cold that happens to pass my way. I have a doctor’s appointment soon. Hopefully I will get my energy back, so that I will able to share something creative on this blog again.

Rick is still painting in his limited spare time. He just put up these two paintings this weekend. He had to get out the ladder to hang them up on the high wall in the living room. I put the corner of the banister in the photo to give you all some idea of scale. I wish there wasn’t an air vent in the middle of this wall. I guess we could get a contractor to try and remove it, but it seems like it might be expensive to do.

If you click on the photo and go to the original size in flickr, you will be able to see the detail of the face better. I think Rick has a unique style of painting and sense of color. You can also see more of the leaves blowing in the wind in the other painting. Sorry that part of the photo is a little blurry and you cannot see the detail on the girl’s dress.



My Belle
April 17, 2010

The weeks seem to fly by. Not much happening here. With all the rain and cool weather, I haven’t had the urge to start working on the garden yet this year. The lilacs are in bloom under my bedroom window. It is too cold to have the windows open. The last few years I have been able to have lilac scented breezes drift in as I sleep. Maybe next year.


My favorite rose bush has a lovely scent too. Here is the first rose of 2010.


I am still plying around making mastery workbook samples on Belle. Everyday I get more enamored by this sewing machine. I have been filling squares of fabric using all the different decorative stitches with lots of different types and weights of thread. The machine will stitch in the same holes over and over again, without jamming. It is amazing. I even put metallic knitting yarn in the big bobbin. I like the gold metallic flowers made using a star stitch in the sample below. If I were to do this sample again I would do things differently. The thread color is too close to the fabrics for one. I also cut some of my fabric strips too short and got weird angles. Next time crazy quilting should go better. I was using odds and ends of fabric and was more interested in how the machine worked, so I just finished it this way. I need to move on to the next mastery workbook sections or I will never get through them all.


Here is the applique sample. I used the circular attachment for the reverse applique circle. I want to play with this tool some more too.


When I get to the Embroidery Workbook I hope my samples are more interesting. I want to try to do some videos too. I wish I could show how the decorative stitches can be manipulated. I can spend all day trying them this way and that.

Happy Easter!
April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!


This beautiful tatted heart is a surprise gift from TattingChic. She tatted it with a size 20 hand-dyed thread named “Yummy Grapefruit” by Lady ShuttleMaker. TattingChic wrote that the pattern is by Irene Wood and called “Butterfly Heart”. It is as lovely and delicate as a butterfly. I just love it, and will find a special place for it soon. ¬†Thanks TattingChic.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring day!