Happy Valentine’s Day

I wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!

Actually I do not really know what to write about. I am having a hard time trying to decide on a challenging project to work on. I finished quilting the little spiral table top quilt. It was really easy to do on the new sewing machine. The extra space and the wonderful feed system made the whole process quite easy. I am still bothered by the red swastika showing in the design. I mentioned it at a couple of quilt shops (there were big sales this weekend), and ladies at both places said that they have seen similar things happen with other patterns. So it is something I need to watch out for from now on.

I am going to try this pattern next. It is called a chop-suey pattern. It has places where 8 points come together and I want to practice that. It also is supposed to take only 8 hours to piece. I bought the pattern 20 years ago when Alex was a baby. I remember it was on sale at the time. I was going to make a small quick quilt for him even though I was working 60 hour weeks. Actually I got more done then, than I do now. I think I wore myself out. I had forgotten about the pattern and found it when looking though a box of old magazines. Right now I feel I need something quick and easy to work on.


I still need to bind the “Crazy 8 Strip Teaser” quilt, which is the pattern name of the spiral table topper. To sew the binding, which is a bias printed plaid, I had to cut straight of grain strips and then piece then together on the bias. The 8 corners will give me lots of them to practice mitering. I was really lazy and didn’t press the seams before taking this photo.  The plaid was a little tricky to try and match because the lines are drawn wiggly.  I sewed in the white space between two lines.  From a distance and on a quilt with, lets say, a more noticeable design feature , it won’t make any difference if the seams show.


3 Responses

  1. You’ve matched up the binding perfectly! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on your next project!

  2. Quilting is such a mystery to me! I love seeing your projects and reading about the process.

  3. Absolutely adore how your happy quilt turned out – the colors are great!! And the binding is terrific – don’t you love how plaids or stripes add so much interest to a piece? Will you be keeping track of the time on that 8 hour quilt? LOL I always get a kick out of patterns that state – “Quilt in A Weekend” or “Quilt In A Day” – not me – it takes forever!
    Keep us posted and thank you so much for the good wishes on my surgery.
    Have a good week.

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