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December 16, 2009

Finally all the Bernina software is installed on a new laptop computer Rick bought just for my sewing machine. It was becoming too difficult trying to use our old PC and Rick did not want me tying up the mac more than I already do. He needs to use it for his artwork. I am still using the mac to post to this blog because it has photoshop on it. So now I know more than I wanted to know about Windows System 7, though I do not think it is enough. I am guessing about lots of things. The printer is working and I can scan. I can send embroidery designs to Belle or put them on a 2G thumb drive. I did that just to make sure both of sewing machine usb ports work. I only had to restore and reinstall everything once (in a particular order). Now I just need the time to go through the manual and teach myself the digitizing programs.

There are so many things I want to make. First I have to finish the shirt I promised Rick.

The photo shows the cute little mini usb hub attached to one usb port on the laptop. It is so tiny. Each software program requires a dongle for security. All the new computer technology keeps my head spinning. Belle can only read from a 2G or less usb stick. She doesn’t have the computing power to search a larger one. The usb cord attaches right to the machine. Now that everything is set up, all I am missing is a brain that can handle all the information. Just like Belle, I will need to take in the information in small batches. It will take longer, but what else can I do?



December 9, 2009

It is cold here, 46 degrees. It even snowed in the mountains. My geraniums decided it was a good time to bloom. I do not want to move them inside, but probably should. I know they will die if the temperature gets much colder.


I have been playing with Belle’s embroidery option. These were stitched using left over Sulky Rayon thread and Pellon tear-away stabilizer. I want to try the better brands of thread and stabilizers to see the difference. I think these turned out nice though. There are so many pretty designs that come pre-loaded on the sewing machine. I haven’t even started to use the embroidery software yet. I hope to get to that next week.


Here is a photo of some of the stabilizers I bought today with a stitch out of some of the stitches that I had heard do not stitch out nicely. They are decorative machine stitches, not embroidery designs. The one on the right is off, but I think I held the fabric to firmly. The other two I think look nice. Decorative stitches take a bit of skill keeping aligned. The one on the left I wouldn’t hesitate to sew out as a decorative stitch. The other two stitches I would stitch in embroidery mode because they take a lot of concentration keeping the fabric straight. Being able to hoop them quickly is one of the things I love about Belle.


Finally Fall
December 6, 2009

Our trees start turning color about this time of year. Instead of falling snow, we get leaves to rake. Here are a couple of photos I took yesterday. I love when our desert sky turns this deep, clear blue. I think the feather cloud may have been made by a jet. I thought it was pretty.



I have been playing with the new sewing machine. I tried out the embroidery module and am pleased with how it worked. I do not have photos yet. Soon I hope to have something to share that is craft related.

I am the one doing most of the paper work on my MIL’s estate. Even though her estate is small, there have been a few things that have made things more difficult. One is leaving utilities and other accounts in a deceased person’s name. My MIL, as many women in her situation do, leave their deceased husband’s name on accounts. It is one less advertisement to the world that they are living alone. It has however made keeping the utilities on until escrow closes a little more difficult, especially since we have a California address. I was able to do it with lots and lots of faxes.