Happy Halloween!

So you do not fill up on this:


Here is some eye candy in the way of 9mm decorative stitches. I used a left over spool of Sulky with Gutterman in the bobbin on muslin. The thread has been out in the open for 15 years on a thread rack. Even though I had heard that the machine won’t stitch with Sulky or old thread, I think Belle did a great job. I didn’t even use interfacing. Look at the row of leaves in the middle. That design is made from the leaf stitch right above it. With the leaves placed like this the design stitches out at more than 9mm wide. It was so easy to adjust and make the ends of each leaf match. I selected two leaves, mirrored the lower one and dragged it into place. I wish I knew how to add video to this blog. It is amazing how the machine moves the fabric to the right place to start the next stitch pattern. Plus at up to 1100 stitches per minute, it is so fast.  I was just paying and chose two of each design in numerical order.  I didn’t even get through all the florals.  I also tried some of the sideway stitches.  Some of those stitched out 2 inches wide.  I think I will put those into the embroidery hoop to sew.  They were a little hard to keep in line.  These decorative stitches were really easy to keep straight, much easier than stitching them on the old Elna.



4 Responses

  1. Very tasty stitches!

  2. I am drooling.

  3. OH, YUMMY Candy!

    Your stitches look yummy, too!

  4. So gorgeous! What are you going to make out of your samples? If I remember correctly, you made a pin cushion out of your last one?!

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