Belle or Beast

The old Elna is packed up for now. She will have to live in the sewing annex with my older Kenmore. I know, I know, I was singing her praises a mere 3 months ago.


The new Bernina 830 is an amazing machine. I will be calling her Belle, because Rick is currently working on a stereo [like 3D for drawn animation] version of “Beauty and the Beast”. The machine is so big and well, pricey, that I think Rick will be calling her Beast.


I spent all morning playing with all the wonderful things Belle can do.  She sewed everything perfectly using my cheap thread.  I am going to finish up a couple of projects, then hopefully get into the embroidery part next month.   I also received a free software program with the machine that does cut-work.  Belle will be able to cut holes and then embroider around them.  I will have lots to share eventually, depending on how my old brain handles all the learning curves.


2 Responses

  1. Belle is just beautiful!

    I saw on your flickr page that you were playing around with stitch combos! Sweet! Each and every stitch looks perfect!

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what you do with her!

  2. She is a beautiful “beast” though – guys probably look at things just a bit differently then we do – they find beauty in tractors, the latest drill or saw, pressure washer, etc.
    Your stitches are amazing and the sky is the limit…have fun with the new Belle.

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