I spent the day going over a down-loaded manual for my new sewing machine. Hopefully my dealer is impressed rather than chagrined at all the sticky notes sticking out from the pages.  I have lots of questions already.

Here is a photo of the set of additional dual-feed feet I bought. They are so big and heavy. Notice the little cutout at the back of the feet. That is for the dual feed to interact with the top layer of fabric. Dual feed is the thing I really like about this machine. Since it has a separate motor it can be used as a differential feed too. Now I realize why these feet cannot be substituted for regular feet. Without using the dual feed there would be nothing to press against the back feed dogs. I may have to get regular versions of these feet at a later date to use where dual feed can’t be used, such as with stitches that move side to side. I think these feet will come in handy for the type of sewing I do, especially with heavy fabrics. The feet are clockwise from top; clear, patchwork with guide, edge/stitch-in-the-ditch, jeans, open-toe. The clear foot doesn’t have a slit to put the thread between the presser foot and the throat plate. This machine doesn’t want the seamstress to do that. Instead the thread goes in a slit by the needle, everything is so automatic. So many of my young sewers could use this feature. They have such a hard time remembering to bring the thread under the presser foot and to the back. The fabric then bunches up and I have lots of little stitches to try and remove. Hopefully some of the features on this machine make it to lower price ones soon.  Especially the ones that will aid the beginning seamstress.


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