Hardware Store Finds

Hardware stores can be great places to find sewing tools and notions. Often hardware measuring gadgets are less expensive and more precise than ones sold in fabric stores. I love the little 1/4 inch ruler at the bottom of the photo. It is steel so I can cut right next to it. It is also very precise, with each inch divided into 64ths. I love that the end is indented precisely the width of a pencil, so when I mark it is exactly at the right measurement. The little pounce wheel is so much easier to use for tight curves, and the oil pen puts a drop of sewing machine oil exactly where I want it. The ruler/protractor thing can also be used to find the center of circles. The stylus I have written about before, it is my favorite one. The pattern notcher is a real pattern notcher. I mechanic friend cut slits in it so I can notch patterns in tight corners. I love looking at all the tools in hardware stores and seeing if there is anything I can add to my growing collection of sewing notions. I have found other things, but these are the ones I use the most and keep close by.


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  1. You have quite the collection! I’m going to have to get one of those oil pens.

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