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Happy Halloween!
October 31, 2009

So you do not fill up on this:


Here is some eye candy in the way of 9mm decorative stitches. I used a left over spool of Sulky with Gutterman in the bobbin on muslin. The thread has been out in the open for 15 years on a thread rack. Even though I had heard that the machine won’t stitch with Sulky or old thread, I think Belle did a great job. I didn’t even use interfacing. Look at the row of leaves in the middle. That design is made from the leaf stitch right above it. With the leaves placed like this the design stitches out at more than 9mm wide. It was so easy to adjust and make the ends of each leaf match. I selected two leaves, mirrored the lower one and dragged it into place. I wish I knew how to add video to this blog. It is amazing how the machine moves the fabric to the right place to start the next stitch pattern. Plus at up to 1100 stitches per minute, it is so fast.  I was just paying and chose two of each design in numerical order.  I didn’t even get through all the florals.  I also tried some of the sideway stitches.  Some of those stitched out 2 inches wide.  I think I will put those into the embroidery hoop to sew.  They were a little hard to keep in line.  These decorative stitches were really easy to keep straight, much easier than stitching them on the old Elna.




Belle or Beast
October 30, 2009

The old Elna is packed up for now. She will have to live in the sewing annex with my older Kenmore. I know, I know, I was singing her praises a mere 3 months ago.


The new Bernina 830 is an amazing machine. I will be calling her Belle, because Rick is currently working on a stereo [like 3D for drawn animation] version of “Beauty and the Beast”. The machine is so big and well, pricey, that I think Rick will be calling her Beast.


I spent all morning playing with all the wonderful things Belle can do.  She sewed everything perfectly using my cheap thread.  I am going to finish up a couple of projects, then hopefully get into the embroidery part next month.   I also received a free software program with the machine that does cut-work.  Belle will be able to cut holes and then embroider around them.  I will have lots to share eventually, depending on how my old brain handles all the learning curves.

Something is Burning
October 23, 2009

Why is it right after making a major purchase, a major appliance decides it is time to quit? I smelled something burning this morning, and traced it to the laundry room. I immediately turned off the dryer and investigated, wouldn’t you know, a belt must have snapped in the washer.  I was smelling burning rubber. Off I went to the laundromat with a heavy load of soaking wet laundry. I photoshopped the photo. It looks better this way. I think it is fun to make new photos look old, especially boring laundromat photos.


A new set of appliances is going to be here on Tuesday. I had to go to several places to find ones that could delivered quickly. Best Buy can’t install any gas appliances for two weeks because they are out of the one brand of gas line they carry, even though they had the set of washer/dryer I wanted in stock. So I bought the same set for the same price at Home Depot. Best Buy’s loss.

Now for the really big news! This will be my last daily post. I reached my goal of posting to this blog with a photo everyday for a year. 365 posts in 365 days. I am going to take a few days off for a vacation.  Then I will be back with news on how a sewing computer works, hopefully it works.

Filet Rose Square
October 22, 2009

I made 3 of these 14″ squares for a kitchen tablecloth. I thought the pattern might look better in white. I have never started the white one. The pattern calls for 9 of these squares to make a square tablecloth. Since I am heading into sewing and away from thread crochet, I wonder if I will ever do this type of work again. The gold squares can still be used for doilies, or maybe a pillow. Who knows, maybe I’ll be sewing them to something with the new machine.


Velcro Pockets
October 21, 2009

I wonder if the other sewing machine companies attach pockets with velcro to their promotional items. The pockets are made this way so they are easy to remove for machine embroidery. The bag was given to all the participants at the embroidery class I took on Saturday, and the CD case was part of a ticket drawing. Everyone’s ticket was eventually awarded something Bernina. Besides learning different techniques for machine embroidery, the class had a party like atmosphere.  I can see why these classes are so popular and am looking forward to taking more of them. My machine will not be here until Monday. It is going to be a long week.