Sewing with Children

There are 7 girls in my sewing classes 12 years old and under. The younger ones, at age 10, need lots of help just getting everything set up. The two oldest ones, at age 12, have been taking classes for 2 years. They can thread a machine, but sewing straight still seems to be a problem. One girl is using a fabric that doesn’t stay pressed. To help the fabric stay put, I had her sew with fusible thread in the bobbin. I think it works nicer than using fusible web. The seam is softer and I think it seems more like sewing than glueing two pieces of fabric together. I showed them all how to use a stylus when pressing. Sometimes when pressing under small bits, the fabric gets too hot to comfortably handle. I like using a stylus when I sew too. One girl asks for my short one when she sews. It is fun to see them all using notions and tools that took me years to discover.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve said this before – they are SO lucky to have you! You are such a wealth of knowledge!

  2. What lucky girls to have you as a teacher!

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