Hot, Dry, & Smoky

I had to go across town to Beverly’s to get some double sided basting tape. My new sewing book recommends it for an easy zipper application. I have been a little out of sorts and not wanting to do much of anything. I think it is the weather and the smoke. The combination is awful. I miss our usual bright blue skies. More triple digit heat is expected this week, along with a delay in putting out the Station fire. So no relief is in sight. There should be mountains in back of this photo. They are hidden by the thick unhealthy air. Any vegetation that is outside of a sprinkler’s reach is dead, as you can see. We just need some rain to wash everything clean and make it green again.

One part of the country has too much rain, and another part not enough. I hope the rain and flooding in the southeast ends soon. I hadn’t listened to the news yet when I wrote the above, now I feel guilty for thinking our weather is disconcerting.


One Response

  1. We are so dry here also, though not as severe. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more balance in the weather – those poor folks down south have homes submerged in water and we are begging for rain to fill the lakes and ponds before winter freeze up. You need it so desperately because of the dangerous conditions. It must be tough to breathe that kind of smoky air…
    Take care and have a good weekend.

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