Time, Quality, & Price

One of my professors in college gave us this little piece of advice for deciding what to charge for our design work. He said, “There are 3 variables to consider, time, quality, and price. Give the client two and keep one for yourself.” I have used this advice many times, so I thought it would be a good thing to pass it on. It has helped me say, “No”, to work that would have taken advantage of me. Personally, I always give the client quality. If they need something done fast, it will be more expensive. I have been thinking about how the three variables relate to all craftwork. If I use really inexpensive materials, I usually have to spend more time to make what I am working on look nice. On the other hand when I use the good stuff, I can usually make something that is both simple and elegant. One of my sewing students bought a remnant to save money. We spent a whole hour altering the pattern to fit around all the spots. I really don’t think she saved much money, since she was paying by the hour for a class.


2 Responses

  1. A very useful piece of advice. Thanks.
    (and the photo is beautiful).

  2. Excellent thought! I have passed this advice on to our son who works so hard to get his business off the ground…he definitely tries to go that extra step with his clients but sometimes as his “parental units”, we feel he does get taken advantage of. Of course, it is hard to be objective:o)
    And those roses are a knockout!!! Just exquisite. As always, thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

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