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September 30, 2009

I had the September Beverly’s coupon burning a hole in my purse, so I went just to look this morning. The photo shows the fabric I bought, which looks lighter than the fabric really is. The grey is much darker, but this way you can see the pattern better. Won’t it make a great Halloween shirt that can be worn for more than just Halloween? Moda cotton fabric is so soft, much nicer than most quilting fabric. I hope to go the Disneyland around Halloween, or in November. I love when the Haunted Mansion changes over to “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Now I will have something special to wear.



Sewing with Children
September 29, 2009

There are 7 girls in my sewing classes 12 years old and under. The younger ones, at age 10, need lots of help just getting everything set up. The two oldest ones, at age 12, have been taking classes for 2 years. They can thread a machine, but sewing straight still seems to be a problem. One girl is using a fabric that doesn’t stay pressed. To help the fabric stay put, I had her sew with fusible thread in the bobbin. I think it works nicer than using fusible web. The seam is softer and I think it seems more like sewing than glueing two pieces of fabric together. I showed them all how to use a stylus when pressing. Sometimes when pressing under small bits, the fabric gets too hot to comfortably handle. I like using a stylus when I sew too. One girl asks for my short one when she sews. It is fun to see them all using notions and tools that took me years to discover.


SewBeautiful 126
September 28, 2009

Yesterday, my son told me, that a friend told him, that our local Border’s Bookstore was closing. Thinking there may be bargains, I went over right after my sewing classes. Border’s is not closing, if fact the sign said, “free internet coming soon.” So no bargains and I wasted some of my sewing time. I browsed anyway and picked up the new “SewBeautiful” #126 magazine. It had a nice heirloom sewing detail, hemstitched box pleats, that I think I will use on a blouse. It also had an article about using napkins and handkerchiefs to make an apron. I have a bunch of embroidered napkins that I think will work for the apron below. Another project to put on my ever growing list.


September 27, 2009

I hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday. I was too lazy to bring my project bag in from the car. Today my ruler looked like this. Funny thing was from the top of the bag the ruler looked fine. It must have slowly melted and drooped down inside the bag. Never underestimate the power of triple digit heat.


Tricky Fabrics
September 26, 2009

Today I played around trying different fusible and sew-in interfacings in tricky fabrics. I liked how the all-bias stretch fusible knit interfacing held the pleated fabric. Organza was nice in the georgette and chiffon. It was a little time consuming to cut the 4 inch squares on grain. I read something about using iron on freezer paper to cut wiggly fabrics. I need to try that next time.