“Cool Couture” Book

Since I will be instructing beginning seamstresses, I thought I would look for some new books on the subject. I found two that I will share over the next couple of days. I also came across this gem. “Cool Couture” by Kenneth D. King, 2007. It has lots of ideas that I would love to try. He shows how to put a zipper in a welt pocket, really cool. I like the trims he makes using the quilting technique called ‘prairie points’. I want to try that soon. If you like to sew and to do fine finishing techniques this is a great book. It is not a beginners book though. I will be using it to inspire, and show how the beginning steps will lead to the more advanced sewing techniques. It took me a while to get my mind around the focus of the class. I will be hired by Viking Sewing Machines, so I know I need to teach machine sewing and not the hand sewing I am so fond of. If I focus on teaching “getting more out of the sewing machine” then everything should fall nicely into place.


While working on the yo-yo bag noticed how interesting they looked as the sun streaked across them. I took a photo to share.



2 Responses

  1. I keep thinking that yo-yos look like macaroons on a cookie sheet!

  2. I love the look of the yoyos. I have quite a good library of sewing books, but maybe I’ll have to investigate this one. I’m thinking of giving up custom sewing except for family and friends, so I can get at my own sewing stash. I need a couple of blazers and some light summer dresses (for next summer) and some capris, and my daughter’s cargo pants……..

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