I bought this chicory plant a couple of years ago as part of a hanging basket of salad greens. I think chicory is really bitter so I don’t use the leaves. It is the same stuff that is added to coffee to reduce the effect of caffeine. I think the root is ground up for that. Well anyway, it is hot here, triple digit hot, and I went out to water really early and I thought the this plant looked so pretty. I couldn’t catch a photo of just how lacy and reflective it was in the early morning light. This plant is way too big for a hanging basket. I just like it and wanted to share. It is one of the little things that brighten my day.




2 Responses

  1. Does the chicory smell the way it tastes? (Does that make any sense?!) I never realized it was a flowering plant.

  2. It doesn’t have a fragrance. I just love the color of the delicate flowers.

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