Re-Read the Instructions

Sorry about yesterday’s post being so late. I put the wrong time in the little box. Rick drove me to my mac class yesterday and it was the wrong day, I had scheduled it for next week. I have done lots of other absent minded things lately that my family is making fun of. Luckily I can’t remember any of them specifically.

With my interest in purchasing a new sewing machine I have been looking at all the attachments I have and reading up on how to use them. I was wondering why I had 2 quarter inch elastic attachments for my sewing machine. One a snap on like the half inch one, and one permanently attached to a throat plate. Well, the two snap on ones came with the serger/over-lock. I looked at the instruction leaflet to find out how to use them, and found that there is a little lever to push to make threading the lower looper easier. For years I have struggled to thread that looper. For 15 years I have not been pressing the lever J in the photo. There is so much to learn on any new machine; it might be good every so often to re-read the instruction manual. At least don’t wait 15 years like I did.

I wanted to make the photo a little more colorful and interesting for today’s post. I saved the brochure for my over-lock machine, since it shows all the stitches the machine does. I love the 80’s fashion. Did we really dress like clowns back then?


I will be getting back to writing about knitting. I cast-on half a sock last night. I keep messing up trying to do the cast-on in knit and purl stitches instead of just choosing one. Hopefully tonight I can get it right.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t remember dressing like that! The short skirt looks familiar but not the rest!

  2. Big shoulders and skinny legs–yes. I don’t remember ever wearing a funky bow on top of my head, though!

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