Machine Stitches

Since my machine is working again, it almost feels like I have a new machine to play with. I never really used the decorative stitches. I know why, they take so long to sew. Here is a photo of some of my favorite ones used in heirloom sewing. I didn’t stabilize the fabric with anything but the machine did a good job stitching anyway. I am thinking I should make a sampler of my favorite stitches to take with me when I machine shop. I also played with the over-lock and tried a 2 thread flat-lock. I know so much more now about sewing than I did when I bought my machines. I could not get the flat-lock to work the first time I tried, so I never tried again. Now that I have a better understanding about sewing machines in general, it stitched the first time. That is one good thing about getting older, the years I have had to practice.



3 Responses

  1. I think having a sampler of your favorite stitches is a great idea! When are you going to start looking for a new machine!

  2. Hi Jackie, I think I will start in August trying the Viking machines. I will be working as an independent sewing instructor through Viking at the Joann’s so I will have access to really try the machines. Also I hope to take a Bernina class in September. That class isn’t set yet, I just put my name on the interest list.

  3. Cool! That’s a great idea to take the sampler with you. I like that squiggly stitch in the upper (far) left of the photo.

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