Amateur Night in Dixie

A shop manager I worked for a long time ago would always say “This ain’t “Amateur Night in Dixie” anytime someone’s work was not quite up to her standards. Another shop supervisor would use the phrase “Loving Hands at Home”, and not in a good way. Making this silly costume for my son both these people have come to mind. There is just not enough time and I am cutting every corner I can think of. Add to that my good 15 year old sewing machine decided not to run when the foot pedal is pressed, so dug out my 30 year old Kenmore. I am so lucky (so is my son) that I kept it all these years. I am exhausted. I have the pants finished and most of the jacket. Just one sleeve to set in, hem, button holes, and buttons. There are still a pair of spats and a little cape like thing. Here is a photo of the cuff detail. It will be a challenge to make this costume look good even with photoshop.



2 Responses

  1. It looks fine to me! You’re SUPER Mom!

  2. It looks great! I agree with tattingchic that you are a SUPERMOM! The cape should be for YOU!

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