In 3 Days

My son needs a costume in 3 days. I really do not understand him. He could have asked me a month ago but waited until last night to let me know he needs this costume by Wednesday. I have to copy one that his friend’s mother made so he matches the other guys. I made the patterns for the pants and shirt today and will have everything cut out by midnight. Wish me luck that the sewing machine cooperates with the bargain bin stretch poly that the boys bought.



4 Responses

  1. LOL! Good luck with that!

  2. YIKES! You are Super Mom!

  3. Kids! You’re probably lucky he gave you 3 days notice instead of 1!!!

  4. i could see my son doing that. In my case it would be because he’s got me pegged. if he gave me 1 month’s notice, I’d still be doing it in the last 3 days. You’ll do it. Talk nice to your sewing machine. Your socks will be just fine. It’s good to take a break when it doesn’t seem to go right.

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