Faded Bouquet

This climbing rose was planted in the spring so it isn’t very big yet. The only flowers on the whole bush are gathered into a bouquet on top. I should have taken a photo earlier, now the petals are turning brown. I will have to cut them off soon, before they start going to seed. Hopefully more flowers will be forthcoming. I played in photoshop with some filters and decided I liked adding the sepia one best.



4 Responses

  1. Wow, those roses sure make for a lovely photograph! Did you use a certain filter?

  2. I used a filter labeled sepia. I tried warmer, cooler, and various colors. I liked the golden tones that matched the brown color where the petals are dying. There is a filterless photo on my flickr page for comparison.

  3. What a beautiful photo!

  4. If you wish to e-mail me at jonesmom@primus.ca, I can e-mail you back with information on getting the most out of your climbing roses. There is still a lot of summer left. if you e-mail me could you tell me what kind of trellis/support your rose is growing up on, specifically, how wide it is.

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