Sock Math

It is coming back to me. After many years of doilies and shawls I am remembering how to knit something that actually fits without all the trial and error I have been going through lately. When I knit sweaters for the theatre I would always check the math before I knit anything. It was just too important and I didn’t have all the time I do now. Being paid for something makes one take precautions that don’t seem so important when making personal things. So in this vain of thought I measured my foot. Then I multiplied my sock gauges, both 7.5 and 8 stitches per inch by the various measurements. Nancy Bush in her book “Folk Socks” mentions that you should cast on with 25-30% less stitches than the stockinette gauge would suggest. So I did the math and found out that for my feet the stitch count in Cookie A’s book is the minimum that I should use. That is why the socks I have been making feel like sausage casings. I can get them on; they just are not comfortable. I will frog these pink socks and save the yarn for a pattern that I know will fit.



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  1. Love seeing how you drew out the dimensions of your foot. I’m going to investigate the method you’re using, it would be SO helpful for knitting socks for other people!

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