A Sketch of Socks

Rick and I went to Peet’s again for some time away from home. He sketched and I reknit my socks. I redid the first sock too, since I decided to change some things about the other sock as I fixed the mistake. I wish I was a better writer. I have so many thoughts going through my head as I knit. I often change things from the pattern, as I am doing on this pair of socks. I crossed some to the YO purl stitches to tighten them up. Crossing YOs as purls on the next row is not easy because of the way the YO is wrapped. It does look better though than a big purl hole, unless a big purl hole is wanted of course. So as I am twisting the needles in odd ways and bitting my lip to get the needle in the stitch, Rick makes the cutest sketch of a girl wearing knitted socks. I like her expression of surprise. Is she surprised by someone coming into the room or by what she is reading?



3 Responses

  1. Wow, that is a great sketch! The title is very deceptive!

  2. Maybe you could start keeping notes and put them together? I bet you are not as bad a writer as you think you are, if your blog is any indication. *wink*

  3. Love the sketch, I need one for my Tea’s lol I do afternoon tea and tea parties too. love all your thoughts, Your a great writer.

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