I told myself no more dahlias. We live in an arid valley north of Los Angeles that is just too hot and dry for dahlias. This morning I went to the garden store for some lady bugs. I found an aphid on my basil. It is actually raining today and this dahlia is one of my absolute favorite varieties. In the rain and in bloom there is no plant more photogenic. So it came home with me. It didn’t cost much more than a bouquet of fresh flowers and will hopefully last a little longer. Here are the photos.




2 Responses

  1. I want/need fiber in those colors (yellow, shades of deep pink, some purple and green for good measure) to spin up. When I spend more money, it is all your fault. *wink*

  2. That is gorgeous!

    Hope the ladybugs do the trick with the aphids on the basil. We can’t have that!

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