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Amateur Night in Dixie
June 30, 2009

A shop manager I worked for a long time ago would always say “This ain’t “Amateur Night in Dixie” anytime someone’s work was not quite up to her standards. Another shop supervisor would use the phrase “Loving Hands at Home”, and not in a good way. Making this silly costume for my son both these people have come to mind. There is just not enough time and I am cutting every corner I can think of. Add to that my good 15 year old sewing machine decided not to run when the foot pedal is pressed, so dug out my 30 year old Kenmore. I am so lucky (so is my son) that I kept it all these years. I am exhausted. I have the pants finished and most of the jacket. Just one sleeve to set in, hem, button holes, and buttons. There are still a pair of spats and a little cape like thing. Here is a photo of the cuff detail. It will be a challenge to make this costume look good even with photoshop.



In 3 Days
June 29, 2009

My son needs a costume in 3 days. I really do not understand him. He could have asked me a month ago but waited until last night to let me know he needs this costume by Wednesday. I have to copy one that his friend’s mother made so he matches the other guys. I made the patterns for the pants and shirt today and will have everything cut out by midnight. Wish me luck that the sewing machine cooperates with the bargain bin stretch poly that the boys bought.


June 28, 2009

Knitting on this sock has been very frustrating. I am getting ladders for one, something that I didn’t get on the Frog socks or the Glynis pair. I think I have been holding the needles differently. Then I noticed that the right and left slating 3tog stitches should have been knit so the middle stitch is toward the back, not in the middle. That way the vine would be smooth. Why couldn’t I have noticed it on the first repeat? Also the yarn is too dark to clearly see the vine design. I am going to shelve this pattern until I can buy some light colored sock yarn that shows off the vine, leaves, and buds better. Today I am starting on a different pair. I just hope this time I can knit socks that come close to being what I see in my head.


Garden Blooms
June 27, 2009

I hope everyone is having a fun weekend! Here are a couple of photos where I tried to get the flowers in the evening sun right before it disappears. I am making such slow progress on my socks. Maybe today I can find a few hours to knit so I can post an update photo.



Wrist-Warmers in “Piecework”
June 26, 2009

There is another cute pattern in this month’s “Piecework” magazine. These cute wrist-warmers are knit in cashmere yarn. A small project is perfect for indulging in an expensive yarn. The pattern shows how to knit the bottom trim then pick up the side stitches to knit the body of the wrist-warmer. The top lace trim is knitted on by picking up a stitch every other row. That is something I want to learn how to do. Small projects are also good for trying new techniques.