White Carnations

I love carnations. They are the perfect vase flower since they seem to last forever. I have one potted white carnation that has a beautiful scent.


I had a weird experience at the fabric store today. A friend, our sons were in high school band together, is the manager of the Viking Sewing Center within our neighborhood JoAnns. She had a lady there that was going to teach sewing classes for her. This woman asked me how to sew in a collar. She is the instructor. She said she has taken classes with Palmer and Pletsch and Martha Pullen, but they have never gone over collars. Then she said she would take a class to learn how to sew the shirt I was wearing. I make my own shirts. It just surprised me, a sewing instructor who had never sewn collar. It just seems so basic.


One Response

  1. Yes, that does seem basic. I’ve run into talented knitters who know of only one cast-one or bind-off. Knowing how to to do several techniques in both seems basic to me. And it makes me wonder what basic things I’ve missed.

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