Still Sock Knitting

How do so many people knit a pair of socks in just a couple of days? In some of the ravelry groups I frequent I see so many posts of socks that practically seem to knit themselves. Maybe it is too much to expect on my second pair. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be at the heel, then by the beginning of next week I’ll have another photo to share that looks different than the ones I have already posted. The additional stitches at the top of the sock seem to be working. The sock is much more comfortable at the cuff. Here is a photo of a Martha Washington blossom. It is on the plant with the mother quail and her eggs inside. She squawks something awful if I get too near the pot. These geraniums are in full bloom now, in a few weeks there won’t be as many blossoms. To answer the question about the camera I am using, it is a Canon Rebel dSLR with a 50mm 1.8 lens. This lens is called the nifty fifty because it is relatively inexpensive and is good for close up shots in low light. It was highly recommended in the ravelry Yarntographers forum. I think the blurred background is caused by opening the lens wide. I am still using some of the automatic functions on the camera. There is a slider for more or less blur in the background. Writing the above has just made me realize I spend too much time on ravelry. If I used that time to knit, I would get the socks done faster. The big problem with that solution is I enjoy ravelry too much. I am sure I would go into withdrawal if I didn’t log on daily.



One Response

  1. Your photography is just beautiful!

    It takes me MONTHS to knit a pair of socks. I don’t get those fast sock knitters either!

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