Cable CastOn

I started knitting my own sock design. I am using a really easy stitch pattern I found in one of the old Sandra Magazines. I will blog about that tomorrow. Today I want to show off the cast on edge. It took me forever and a day to figure out the cable cast-on in rib. Moving the yarn front and back and then going between the needles was difficult enough. The part I always have trouble remembering is how the loops get put on the needle. Straight out, up and over is the way, keeping the loops open. I have a habit flipping over the stitch and crossing it. So I paid close attention to each stitch. I like the criss-cross edge. It is really elastic too. That is the reason I chose it over the long tail cast-on. The tubular cast on is stretchy, but it tends to flare out. I still want make the joining nicer. That I will tackle on my next pair.



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  1. I recently learned the cable cast on too. It’s really pretty!

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