Class Notes

The concepts Cookie covered in her sock class are actually good for all knitting. She explained cable ‘suckage’, her phrase for the amount of shrinking widthwise of cable stitches. She gave us numbers to use for various cable combinations. She said a cable is reduced to about 66% of its width. So a 3×3 cable which is actually 6 stitches can only be counted as 4 for width, or in other words a 3×3 cable sucks 2 stitches. That means after the ribbing those 2 stitches need to be increased and after knitting the leg those stitches need to be decreased into the heel or toe. If the cables are running diagonally then it gets even more complicated deciding where to increase and decrease. I will save that for another time, since that concept is still a little over my head. She also went into detail about spreading out the ‘suckage’ so it doesn’t occur all in one row. I read the book before class and most of the above is covered in it. Cookie just made it easier to remember. Another concept that caught my attention is that of the ‘lost buddy’ column. This is a one stitch column that runs along both sides of the decorated foot top. Just as the name implies, this column is a place for the missing matched decreases and increases that are outside the pattern area. That way the stitch count across the top of the foot is maintained. I can see using this technique on sweaters too. I bought 2 skeins of sock yarn and hopefully will not just add them to my stash. I knit a little this morning on the sock I ‘designed’ in class while my tire was being patched. I am using the lion brand yarn for those. I want this yarn to go into one of Cookie’s more elaborate patterns.



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  1. That yarn is really pretty! I look forward to seeing what you do with whatever it is you just learned…I got lost in the technical stuff, LOL! 🙂

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